Committee of Experts

Committee of Experts

The Committee of Experts is the technical part of the MESECVI, responsible for the analysis and evalaution of the implementation of the Convention.

It is composed of independent Experts that are appointed by each of the States Party and serve the MESECVI in a personal capacity.

The responsibilities of the Committee of Experts include:

  • Preparing and circulating the questionnaire on the implementation of the Belém do Pará Convention
  • Evaluating the State Party responses and formulating recommendations to strengthen the implementation of the Convention
  • Producing the national and hemispheric reports
  • Identifying and circulating the indicators to measure the implementation of the Belém do Pará Convention
  • Producing the follow-up report

In the evaluation of the national reports and the formulation of recommendations, the Committee organizes itself into working groups.

All of the Experts have access to the State responses to the questionnaires, although no Expert participates in the evaluation of her own State Party.

Committee of Experts of the MESECVI

Bandera Antigua y Barbuda Antigua y Barbuda Principal Expert: Appointment pending
Argentina Argentina Principal Expert: Susana Chiarotti
Bahamas Bahamas Principal Expert: Elaine E. Sands
Barbados Barbados Principal Expert: Cecilia Babb
Belice Belice Principal Expert: Appointment pending
Bolivia Bolivia Principal Expert: Lourdes Montero Justiniano
Brasil Brasil Principal Expert: Leila Linhares Barsted
Experta Chile Chile Principal Expert: Mónica Maureira
Bandera Colombia Colombia Principal Expert: Ángela Margarita Rey Anaya
Experta Costa Rica Costa Rica Principal Expert: Sylvia Mesa Peluffo
Experta Dominica Dominica Principal Expert: Sylvanie Burton
Experta Ecuador Ecuador Principal Expert: Gloria Camacho Zambrano
Experta El Salvador El Salvador Principal Expert: Tania Camila Rosa
Bandera Granada Granada Principal Expert: Appointment pending
Experta Guatemala Guatemala Principal Expert: Hilda Morales Trujillo
Bandera Guyana Guyana Principal Expert: Appointment pending
Bandera Haiti Haití Principal Expert: Mona Jean
Bandera Honduras Honduras Principal Expert: Appointment pending
Experta Jamaica Jamaica Principal Expert: Barbara Bailey – Vice-President of the Committee of Experts
Experta México México Principal Expert: Teresa Incháustegui
Bandera Nicaragua Nicaragua Principal Expert: Appointment pending
Experta Panama Panamá Principal Expert: Aracelly De León De Bernal
Experta Paraguay Paraguay Principal Expert: Pilar Callizo
Experta Peru Perú Principal Expert: Marcela Huaita Alegre – Presidenta del Comité de Expertas
Experta República Dominicana República Dominicana Principal Expert: Cristina Altagracia Sánchez Martínez
Bandera San Cristobal y Nieves San Cristobal y Nieves Principal Expert: Appointment pending
Bandera Santa Lucia Santa Lucia Principal Expert: Marcia Symphorien
Experta San Vicente San Vicente Principal Expert: Miriam Roache
Experta Surinam Suriname Principal Expert: Rinette Djokarto
Experta Trinidad y Tobago Trinidad y Tobago Principal Expert: Sherna Alexander
Experta Uruguay Uruguay Principal Expert: Teresa Herrera Sormano
Experta Venezuela Venezuela Principal Expert: Appointment pending