Inter-American Commission of Women

the Inter-American Commission of Women (CIM) was the first inter-governmental agency established to ensure recognition of women’s human rights.


Shape the public policy agenda from a rights-based perspective to achieve the elimination of gender-based discrimination and violence.


CIM is the main forum where hemispheric policies are formulated to link public policy with international legal framework on human rights through dialogue between strategic sectors.

CIM is made up of 34 Delegates, one for each OAS Member State, designated by their respective States. These representatives meet every three years during the Assembly of Delegates. The Assembly is CIM’s highest authority – it established the policies and program of work of the Commission.

Functions of the CIM:

  • Support Member States, upon their request, in their compliance with their respective international and inter-American commitments on women’s human rights and gender equity and equality.
  • Support the efforts of Member States to promote full and equal participation and leadership of women in all spheres of their lives.
  • Promote the participation and leadership of women in the planning and implementation of public policies and programs.
  • Advise the OAS in all matters related to women’s rights and gender equality.