Shadow Reports

Shadow Reports

During the Multi-lateral Evaluation Round, the Committee of Experts prepares and circulates a questionnaire on the measures adopted by States Party to address violence against women. The States Party complete these questionnaires, which then serve as the bases for the national reports.

  • Questionnaire from the First Multilateral Evaluation Round (2004-2008)
  • Questionnaire from the Second Multilateral Evaluation Round (2009-2013)

At the same time, this questionnaire is circulated to the network of civil society organizations that participate in the MESECVI, so that they can also prepare complementary, or “shadow” reports on the implementation of the Convention in their respective countries. These complementary inputs from civil society are taken into account by the Committee of Experts in their preparation of the national reports.

To become part of the MESECVI network of civil society organizations, contact

For more information on the process for registering civil society organizations with the OAS, download the Manual for Civil Society Participation in OAS Activities.

Country First Multilateral Evaluation Round (2004-2008) Second Multilateral Evaluation Round (2009-2013)
Antigua & Barbuda N/A N/A
Argentina Shadow Report (CLADEM Argentina) (in Spanish) Shadow Report (Comisión por la Memoria de la Provincia de Buenos Aires) (in Spanish)
Bahamas N/A N/A
Barbados N/A N/A
Belize N/A N/A
Bolivia N/A N/A
Brazil N/A Shadow Report (in Portuguese)
Chile N/A N/A
Colombia N/A N/A
Costa Rica N/A N/A
Dominica N/A N/A
Ecuador N/A Shadow Report (CLADEM Ecuador) (in Spanish)
El Salvador Shadow Report (in Spanish) Shadow Report (in Spanish)
Grenada N/A N/A
Guatemala N/A N/A
Guyana N/A N/A
Haiti N/A N/A
Honduras Shadow Report (in Spanish) N/A
Jamaica N/A N/A
Mexico N/A N/A
Nicaragua N/A N/A
Panama N/A N/A
Paraguay N/A Shadow Report (in Spanish)
Peru Shadow Report (Centro de la Mujer Peruana Flora Tristán) (in Spanish) Shadow Report (CLADEM Perú) (in Spanish)
Dominican Republic N/A Shadow Report (CLADEM Dominican Republic) (in Spanish)
Saint Kitts & Nevis N/A N/A
Saint Lucia N/A N/A
Saint Vincent & the Grenadines N/A N/A
Suriname N/A N/A
Trinida & Tobago N/A N/A
Uruguay Shadow Report (in Spanish) Shadow Report (CLADEM Uruguay) (in Spanish)
Venezuela N/A N/A