Five years after the entry into force of the Belém do Pará Convention, research conducted by the CIM showed that its objectives were not being achieved. This led to the creation of the Follow-up Mechanism to the Belém do Pará Conventon (MESECVI).

The MESECVI is a methodology for systematic and ongoing multilateral evaluation based on a forum for exchange and technical cooperation among the States Party to the Convention and a Committee of Experts. It also analyzes progress on the implementation of the Convention, as well as the pending challenges in combating violence against women evident in the replies of the States.

Through the adoption of the MESECVI, the States Party expressed their political will to have a consensus-based and independent system to review the progress made on the implementation of the Convention, and to implement the recommendations arising from this evaluation.

The Executive Secretariat of the CIM serves as the Technical Secretariat of the MESECVI.

The MESECVI is a multilateral evaluation methodology systematically and permanently, based on an exchange forum and technical cooperation between the States Parties to the Convention and a Committee of Experts/os.

Who are the members of the MESECVI?

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