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Committee of Experts Expresses its Concern regarding the Situation of the Human Rights of Girls and Adolescents in the Region

Washington, D.C., June 3, 2015. – The Committee of Experts of the Mechanism to Follow up on Implementation of the Inter-American Convention on the Prevention, Punishment, and Eradication of Violence against Women “Convention of Belém do Pará (MESECVI) expresses its concern regarding the situation of the human rights of girls and adolescents in the region and urges the States Parties to the Convention to bring their legislation into line the international standards in the area of protecting the right of girls and adolescents to a life without violence.
The well-known recent cases, in Paraguay, of a girl aged 10 pregnant through rape, and, in Chile, of a 14-year old teen stoned to death by her partner, the cases in Argentina of a 14-year old pregnant teen beaten to death by her partner, and the murder and rape of the young woman Juana Emilia Gómez are examples of the situation of vulnerability experienced by girls and adolescents in the region. These facts are of concern to the Committee, since the make plain the obstacles faced by States in ending violence and serious violations of the human rights of the victims. That concern is heightened considering that these cases involved minors, since, in the case of the pregnant girls, the medical and psychosocial risks are greater and since it is a more serious problem in terms of public health, justice, education, and human rights.
The Committee notes that Article 7 of the Convention of Belém do Pará obliges the States Parties thereto to condemn all forms of violence against women and … to pursue, by all appropriate means and without delay, policies to prevent, punish and eradicate such violence” and to “apply due diligence to prevent, investigate and impose penalties for violence against women.” The Committee also points to the obligation of the States Parties to take all appropriate measures, including legislative measures, to amend or repeal existing laws and regulations or to modify legal or customary practices which sustain the persistence and tolerance of violence against women.”
Despite major advances in the region in the formal recognition of women’s rights, this has not yet translated into adequate and sustainable protection of those rights, especially in the access the justice area. Therefore, the Committee expresses its commitment to work with the States in all areas they deem appropriate to bring their legislation into line with the international standards for the protection of the human rights of girls and adolescents to live in a world without violence and to reduce the gap between laws and the implementation of policies or programs intended to guarantee this right.
The Committee of Experts is the technical organ of the MESECVI and has responsibility for analyzing and evaluating the process of implementing the Convention de Belém do Pará. It is composed of independent Experts designated by each State Party from among its nationals, who serve in their personal capacity.

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